Setting and achieving goals – how much perfectionism is too much?

Perfectionism can be an advantage, but also a disadvantage. If you are too perfectionistic, this often leads to problems, especially in competitions, because you cannot control all variables (e.g. weather, water temperature, competitors, form of the day).

EVERYTHING CAN’T be perfect. You have to accept that and make the best of it. Some circumstances you have to adapt to, if you can’t do that you may lose a competition. Continue reading “Setting and achieving goals – how much perfectionism is too much?”

DAY 17 – KONA BLOG 2017

Yesterday was a day we’ll never forget. Astrid and I have never been so proud of a finish. Never has Astrid fought more than yesterday.
Yesterday, Astrid was fit to the point at the starting line and she was back with a wide chest and full of self-confidence at the start. First time after the injury. She knew it was in her.

Astrid did a great job of swimming, caught a good group at the beginning and improved her swimming time in the race here by four minutes. What a start to the day. Continue reading “DAY 17 – KONA BLOG 2017”

DAY 15 – KONA BLOG 2017

Now it’s time to sleep one more night in Hawaii and then the time has come. Race Day. The day will start at 3:30 in the morning for us. All in a well-rehearsed routine. Wake up, make coffee and have a quick shower. Afterwards a breakfast. Either from oatmeal porridge (yes I know, trendy is overnight-oats) or from bars. Depending on what desire is and what goes in. It doesn’t have to be too much anyway. Due to the carboloading of the preceding days, the storage tanks are well filled and only the liver glycogen consumed overnight is to be replenished. Once that’s done, the complicated part comes. Continue reading “DAY 15 – KONA BLOG 2017”

DAY 13 – KONA BLOG 2017

Aloha from the island. Aloha is the motto of this year’s Ironman World Championship. It is known worldwide as the Hawaiian welcome greeting, but it means much more. It also stands for love and affection, for example. Something you should also feel for this Ironman in the merciless landscape with its harsh climate when you start here. Astrid is already looking forward to it. Continue reading “DAY 13 – KONA BLOG 2017”

DAY 11 – KONA BLOG 2017

As we get closer and closer to the race, the tension is slowly growing all over the place. While it was still very quiet when we arrived here, the streets are now crowded and the usual show jumping has begun. On the one hand the athletes, many of whom use the chance to showcase their fitness to as many people as possible, on the other hand the sponsors and manufacturers who celebrate themselves and the event properly. For someone who’s here for the first time, I’m sure it’s a great experience. For Astrid, something to keep out of her mind and seek peace. With her all attention is on the race. Continue reading “DAY 11 – KONA BLOG 2017”

DAY 9 – KONA BLOG 2017

Today in a week’s time to race. And one week before the big race, it was time for a small race. But more about that later. First of all, it was yesterday.

As usual, the day started at 04:40 a. m. with getting up and having a breakfast with yoghurt, soaked oatmeal – or, as I have learned overnight oats, sounds more trendy – and fruit before we had an appointment with Mel at 06:15 a. m. this time for cycling. While Mel had 80km on the map, Astrid had a little more. The first kilometres became a catwalk because we met Glen von Koruptvision on the highway. Continue reading “DAY 9 – KONA BLOG 2017”

DAY 7 – KONA BLOG 2017

We’ve been on Big Island for a week now and like every time it’s something special. By the way, yesterday it was so far away and we could enjoy the first sunset, which was always covered by clouds on the horizon the days before. Even if there is a lot of activity during the day, it is these moments that provide the necessary peace and relaxation. Especially if, like yesterday, a competition simulation was on the program again. Continue reading “DAY 7 – KONA BLOG 2017”

DAY 5 – KONA BLOG 2017

After Astrid successfully completed the first competition simulation with a docking unit on Sunday, a day of relief was on the agenda yesterday.

Relief day means that the load is dosed in such a way that the body may be active, but is not loaded in such a way that it does not regenerate sufficiently. Thus Astrid was allowed to complete 4500m in the pool next to core-training. Continue reading “DAY 5 – KONA BLOG 2017”