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focus on your goals and dreams

You're burning for your goal, dreaming about it and maybe you've been training for it for a long time. We help you to make it a reality.

Because with us it's all about you and your personal sporting goals. As athletes, we have experienced and learned how important it is to have someone at your side who believes in you. Our sporting dreams have because of this become reality.

Because we know how important it is to have a coach, a partner and often a friend who will pursue your goals together with you, we will be there for you.


A personal relationship is the basis for successful coaching.

That's why we take regular times off for you and a conversation. Of course, you can always reach us at short notice.

You will always feel joy, sympathy and empathy.


The latest state of sports science and medicine is always the basis for our work. Sustainability and health are our premise in the pursuit of goals.


Whether age grouper or professional, together we have celebrated many successes.

We were able to celebrate national, continental and world champion titles as well as new best times and achieved dreams.


Here Astrid or Chris coach you and bring you successfully to your goals.

Together we will reach your goals. That's why our mutual exchange is at the center of everything we do. Once a week we arrange a personal meeting and discuss everything that concerns your training. In addition to your training progress, the corresponding data and your feedback on it, it is also your work and private life ... just everything that affects your performance decisively. With Astrid as a sports physician, we can also quickly provide advice when medical questions arise.

And because questions often arise spontaneously or successes are to be celebrated, you can almost always reach us. To make sure that this is the case, there are never more than 10 supervised athletes.

 The price: 359,- € monthly

Coaching Basic

Here Eric coaches you and brings you successfully to your goals.

Together with you, he will achieve your goals. That's why your mutual exchange is at the center of everything you do. Twice a month you meet for a personal conversation and discuss everything that concerns your training. With his experience as a competitive swimmer, student of sports science and DTU C coach competitive sports, Eric has already made many dreams come true.

And if you have any spontaneous questions, you can reach Eric by email.

 The price: 199,- € monthly



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