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Power Performance Decoder (PPD)

The most advanced performance diagnostics for cycling and running in just 90 minutes at your home.

You complete a test protocol of 4 intervals with your power meter (cycling) or your GPS watch (running). Because it is done outdoors or at your place on your smart trainer, the data is more relevant to your training and racing environment than data from the lab because there is no projection loss from the lab.


Simple & Fast

  • performable at your home
  • in only 90 minutes with 4 intervals
  • with your equipment
  • and as a result a complete metabolic profile


PPD provides values with the accuracy of a laboratory, namely:

  • your VO2max (maximum aerobic power)
  • your VLamax (maximum anaerobic power)
  • Lactate accumulation rate at high intensities
  • Lactate clearance rate at low intensities
  • your Fatmax (the intensity where you burn the most fat)
  • Fat and carbohydrate consumption at any intensity (kcal/h and g/h)



With the numbers,

  • you train efficiently and effectively
    • through precise training zones
    • optimal interval loads & rests
  • you are faster in the race
    • through pacing based on facts
  • you optimize your nutrition strategy
    • through exact calculation of carbohydrate and fat metabolism

Performance diagnostics bike

Here you get your performance diagnostics (PPD) on the bike to optimize your training and your race and that for only 179,- €.

Performance diagnostics running

Here you get your performance diagnostics (PPD) running to optimize your training and your race and that for only 179,-€.




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