INSCYD Performance Diagnostics Bike






Remote diagnostics in laboratory quality conveniently from home.


With the PPD you determine your individual physiological performance, identify your metabolic profile and get a detailed insight into the metabolic processes in your body. We determine the maximum oxygen uptake (VO2max), the maximum lactate production rate (VLamax), the anaerobic threshold, your lactate production and reduction, fat burning including FatMax, as well as your carbohydrate consumption and individual training zones.
The test can be performed on one or two consecutive days. Your time requirement for one day is 100 minutes, if you do the test on two days 60-75 minutes per day. You decide if you want to do the test protocol, which we will send you after booking with detailed instructions, outside with your bike incl. powermeter or if you prefer to do it indoors on your smart trainer. It is important that you can record your power values.
After completing the protocol, you submit your files of the sessions and we determine the above data, create a comprehensive report including advice on meaningful training changes and the resulting outcomes, as well as pacing and nutrition guidelines for your next race.