Running Coaching

There is no other sport that is as easy to practise as running. A pair of shoes and off you go. You can always defy the wind and weather and then come home proudly and happily. So that you can fulfill your goals and dreams while running, we help you with our run coaching.

From the New-York-Marathon to 10k races, cross-country and 3000m on the track we have taken part in almost everything that running has to offer. We know that running abc, specific strength training and alternative training are all part of it and what a decisive influence it has on your success.

Together with you we coordinate your goals and time frame and derive your personal annual training plan. This way you know your planned training contents and focal points well in advance and we can plan possible training camps or workloads there.

The individual training contents are always planned for the following week, so that we can take into account your current training status, your health and the special dates of your family, friends and work in detail. We manage all this in a TrainingPeaks Premium account for you, so that you are always and everywhere informed. At the same time, you can also easily download your units to your sports watch or wattmeter and carry out your training program.

Which brings us to the point. Depending on your capabilities, your training will always have at least two defaults so that each of your units will get you closer to your goal. Your units will be watts (even watts can be measured while running), heart rate, tempo and / or Borg controlled. If you have any questions about one or the other term, we will explain everything to you and show you how these things will make you consistently successful. Because always knowing what the goal of each unit is makes it easier for athletes to become successful.

To find out how closely you would like to work with us, simply choose your own choice from the following table. Do you have any questions or would you like to get started? Then simply contact us here.

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