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The "Performing Perfect Training System"is the most advanced, individual and adaptive training plan available for runners, cyclists and triathletes. It is always based on the latest scientific and medical findings. 



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Sporting goals are ambitious dreams that have to be integrated into an everyday life of work and often also family life. Every minute must be used effectively. We have developed the "Performing Perfect Training System" so that your athletic dreams can become reality and you can take the shortest route to realize them.  

The "Performing Perfect Training System" is the worlds most advanced training plan based on the latest findings in sports science and sports medicine, which continuously adapts to your performance development. The evaluation of your training data is based on the principle of "marginal gains", a success story that has already produced Olympic champions and Tour de France winners. Training data is examined for the smallest changes with the help of artificial intelligence and this progress is taken into account in the following workouts. In this way many small steps become great results. 

Artificial intelligence and latest technologies guarantee optimized training. In order to help you if something unforeseen happens, coaches, sports physicians and a network of other experts from various training-relevant areas are available in the background. So you can concentrate on your training and know that we will take care of you and contact you personally if you need support.



Of course, you don't have to commit yourself to just one of the three sports - you can change your focus at any time. Your goals set the framework, we fill it with content together with you. 


Triathlon has always fascinated us. Combining three endurance sports with each other in one competition is a very exciting challenge for an athlete to master.

This applies not only to the race, but also to integrate three different sports with their training into everyday life. This is a great mental challenge in terms of time, in terms of physical demanding and also because of the everyday life with family, friends and job.


There is no other sport for which such a myth exists. Tour de France and spring classics give us goose bumps every year. Ötztaler and Grandfondo are terms that make our eyes shine and the crit race in the next town is the guaranteed choice for a nice weekend afternoon.

Cycling is a religion for us and on the course of the Amstel-Gold-Race the most beautiful training in the afternoon.


There is no sport that is as easy to practice as running. A pair of shoes and you're ready to go. You can always defy wind and weather and come home proud and happy. So that you can fulfill your goals and dreams while running, we help you with our running plans.

From the New York Marathon to community runs, trails, cross and 3000m on the track, we have been through just about everything that the sport of running has to offer. We know that running ABCs, specific strength training and alternative training are part of it and what a significant influence it has on your success.

"It is always inspiring to work with people who bring together as much passion and expertise as Chris does. The personal bests I was able to achieve through his coaching has encouraged me to think in completely new dimensions, not only in terms of sport."

Patrick Thoma

"For more than 15 years I have been working intensively with coaches during training and I know that there is a lot of rattle in this industry. And Astrid and Chris promise REALLY a lot. However - and this is where it gets exciting - they fulfil their promises with the precision with which they also design the coaching. Seldom have I experienced such a perfect symbiosis of a scientific basis with a sense of application and passion for the sport. So I believe that if I can't reach my dreams with triworx-coaching, I won't be able to reach them with anyone else."

Bettina Strehl



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