DAY 11 – KONA BLOG 2017

As we get closer and closer to the race, the tension is slowly growing all over the place. While it was still very quiet when we arrived here, the streets are now crowded and the usual show jumping has begun. On the one hand the athletes, many of whom use the chance to showcase their fitness to as many people as possible, on the other hand the sponsors and manufacturers who celebrate themselves and the event properly. For someone who’s here for the first time, I’m sure it’s a great experience. For Astrid, something to keep out of her mind and seek peace. With her all attention is on the race.

Yesterday she trained again 80km on the bike to run a few kilometers. The unit started at 7:15 a. m., because we wanted to dry the streets a little bit. It had finally rained the whole night before, partly cloudy. Nevertheless, we experienced the highway through the lava desert wet for the first time. By the way, something you don’t really want on race day, because it increases the humidity even more and the body cooling works less well due to sweating.

After the session they ate as usual and then had their obligatory nap. After that, Astrid was still working on her torso stability, while my task was to renew the tyres of Astrid’s racing machine. This ensures that Astrid enters the race with tyres that are as good as new and at the same time a little bit worn. In this way, we can achieve the best possible combination of puncture protection and rolling resistance on the tyres that are right for us. Last but not least, the cracks were removed and completely cleaned, as today a new chain has been fitted with a special coating that minimizes friction losses even further. Today we have also had the wheel bearings replaced by ceramic bearings. All with the goal of taking out the last watt for Astrid. With regard to the current weather forecast – we keep an eye on it every day – which predicts wind speeds of 35-40km/h with gusts in the high 40s on Saturday, Astrid will use a low running wheel profile at the front in order to be able to drive the whole cycle track in the trailer if possible. But we will continue to follow the weather.

In the evening we had dinner with Mel and Jared in the Kona Brewery – so much to the topic there is no beer in Hawaii – before the diet becomes a bit stricter. Pizza and salad, a full stomach and lots of fun were the result. Nevertheless, we were in bed on time at 8:15 pm.

Today with the beginning of the week the next day of relief was on the program 5km trot loose in the morning, followed by a short swimming session. The swim unit is shorter than planned because the pool was closed at short notice due to an accident. I guess someone couldn’t control his bowels, and hygiene is a priority. This is why many athletes, including the reigning world champion, did not manage to complete their training session today.

Astrid’s speedsuit will soon be picked up, which should save her even more seconds in the swimming on Saturday compared to last Saturday’s race and then another day has already been completed and there are only 4 days left until the cannon thunders at the pier and unloads everything in a race, for which Astrid has been working hard for over a year now. Exactly 373 days ago, with her victory at the Ironman Barcelona in a time of 8:54, she laid the foundation stone to be one of the 39 best women in the world at the start line on Saturday. 14 months of work and deprivation are then behind her and also a rather large financial investment. The body is in top shape and also mentally Astrid is well prepared. To do everything for what she burns, what she lives with passion and works hard for every day. Competing with the best in the world and all she has to fight for this World Champs.

Mahalo and greetings from the island


2 thoughts on “DAY 11 – KONA BLOG 2017

  1. Aloha, 🌺
    die Hausaufgaben sind gemacht, der Feinschliff passt…klingt alles richtig gut!!! Die Spannung hier zuhause steigt! Danke für den tollen Blog, ihr nehmt uns Daheimgebliebene wunderbar mit auf Euren Weg!🌈 Freue mich immer, wenn ich auf dem Weg zur Kaffeemaschine schon die neuesten Infos von Hawaii lesen kann.🐬
    Ich halte weiterhin feste die Daumen, dass auch die Tage vor dem großen Rennen noch genauso gut verlaufen! Freue mich auch auf Samstag!
    Lg Meike

    1. Hi Meike, wir freuen uns super, wenn wir euch Daheimgebliebenen eine kleine Freude machen können.
      Hier geht es jetzt dem großen Finale entgegen und die Spannung steigt. Wir können am Samstag jeden Daumen gebrauchen;-). LG Astrid

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