DAY 9 – KONA BLOG 2017

Today in a week’s time to race. And one week before the big race, it was time for a small race. But more about that later. First of all, it was yesterday.

As usual, the day started at 04:40 a. m. with getting up and having a breakfast with yoghurt, soaked oatmeal – or, as I have learned overnight oats, sounds more trendy – and fruit before we had an appointment with Mel at 06:15 a. m. this time for cycling. While Mel had 80km on the map, Astrid had a little more. The first kilometres became a catwalk because we met Glen von Koruptvision on the highway.

After we said goodbye to Mel after 40km on the way home, we went a little further for us. However, as it was very windy, we decided to follow Waikaloa for a short time and to drive back and forth, before we risked something with a lot of traffic. After that 130km on the speedometer and a little bit of bike care were on the program. After a decent lunch we went to the pool for 30 minutes. Here the focus was on moving the arms a little bit, keeping the feeling of water and doing some sprints.

Afterwards there were tasty spaghetti, which Astrid refused to give to Quinoa with tomato sauce and mango. At the end of the day the obligatory massage before going to bed at 8:30 pm.

Today Astrid wanted to be fit, because the Ho’ ala-Swim (Race to the Occasion), a race over 3,8km was on the agenda. This has been taking place on the race track for a few years now, one week before the actual Ironman and is a good training under competition conditions. Originally, Astrid wanted to compete in the right race clothing to test it, but her equipment supplier’s speedsuit didn’t arrive on time, so Astrid started in a classic swimsuit. On this track, Astrid and I have a time advantage of 45-60 seconds with the race clothing, so that both Astrid and I are more than satisfied with the time of 57:50.

Since it is now only one week until the race day, the regeneration will be focussed even further. After the race Astrid took a short nap after the race, before it went into the running shoes for 15 kilometres. Since so close to the race nothing is more dangerous than a lulling running speed, she has built in five short increases of about 100m each into the run. At home they were mobilized again before the next short nap was due.

Now there is something to eat, then massage and then the bed calls again. Tomorrow we will finally reconnect.

Now you’ll understand if I say the last one turns off the light.