DAY 7 – KONA BLOG 2017

We’ve been on Big Island for a week now and like every time it’s something special. By the way, yesterday it was so far away and we could enjoy the first sunset, which was always covered by clouds on the horizon the days before. Even if there is a lot of activity during the day, it is these moments that provide the necessary peace and relaxation. Especially if, like yesterday, a competition simulation was on the program again.

Astrid’s task yesterday was three hours on the bike followed by a 10km-coupling race. Astrid drove the three hours on the bike as a crescendo. Crescendo means that she has increased her performance after a given interval until the end, and then started to race for 5km in the race space. Astrid’s values were very convincing, even if she felt the effects of the massage the day before. Yesterday, by the way, was the first day that the infamous winds, which usually set in shortly before Waikaloa, were blowing. Since the winds are mainly caused by the temperature difference between land and sea and the landscape at this point looks like a nozzle, it becomes very slow or very fast there. The way there took 105 minutes, while the journey home lasted 75 minutes. In the meantime I drove an hour with a 40mm cut and tried desperately to stay close to Astrid. From speed 50 up, I get on my little wheel in the flat and downhill direction. What makes the winds so exciting is, by the way, actually only that outside of the race there are trucks on the highway. Overtaking some of them you are suddenly in the slipstream and the wind from the side against which you could lean is suddenly gone or suddenly comes back when the truck is over.

In the afternoon we had a relaxed half hour swimming session in the pool. The pool was very crowded, because half of the youth swimmers of the local club had training in the first half, and this under conditions you can only dream of in our homeland.

In the evening we ate delicious salad spiced up with quinoa for the necessary remaining carbohydrates and proteins of the day.

Today was a bit calmer for that. We drove our legs a little loose for 60 minutes at 6:00. Without any effort, before Astrid had an appointment at 8:30 a. m. at Dig me Beach, the start of the Ironman. Lubos Bilek was so nice to let Astrid swim with his boys. Many thanks to Lubos for that. Astrid came back happy after 45 minutes, because she could swim well with the boys. So everything is clear for the Hoala-Swim, a race on the 3.8km long Ironman track on Saturday, where Astrid will start.

Immediately afterwards, a press event with Klaus Arendt from tritime magazine followed, before we bought fresh fruit and vegetables at Farmers Market. Astrid still enjoys this before she will give up fresh fruit 2-3 days before the race.

Since the next press meeting with Sara Gross from IronWomen #livefeisty took place at 2 pm, we used the time and met with Mel for lunch at noon. Since we had no time together in Chattanooga and Mel was allowed to get to know Mel as an incredibly nice and cordial friend in Noosa, we enjoyed the reunion all the more. You can listen to the live interview with Astrid on triworx’s Facebook page. Have fun with that.

On our way home we literally ran into Michael Cramer, who, like Astrid, is representing the colours of our home club DLC Aachen here in Hawaii and has been here for two days now. E Komo Mai (welcome to Hawaiian) Michael.

For Astrid, there are still a few minutes of fuselage-stabi left before the evening with rice and salsa. Tomorrow we will have the last really long training day before the race. So it’s survival for me again and after that the units will be short enough for me to survive.

By the way, things are getting worse for me now that Astrid has the Australian Rocket Fuel on Kona thanks to Jared.

Mahalo and greetings from the island