DAY 5 – KONA BLOG 2017

After Astrid successfully completed the first competition simulation with a docking unit on Sunday, a day of relief was on the agenda yesterday.

Relief day means that the load is dosed in such a way that the body may be active, but is not loaded in such a way that it does not regenerate sufficiently. Thus Astrid was allowed to complete 4500m in the pool next to core-training.

Of course, there was also plenty of time for a cup of coffee in the Daylight Mind – Astrid’s favourite café – and in the Kona Haven. Incidentally, in the last two weeks before the race at Astrid’s, only decaffeinated coffees are in the cup. Thus the body reacts better on race day when caffeine is added in the final phase of the race.

Afterwards we spent a few minutes in the shade of the lagoon at Kinka, before we drove back to our Condo.

Finally we had the usual massage and went to bed because the alarm clock rang at 4:40am today.

At 4:40 a. m. we had breakfast consisting of overnight oats with cinnamon, raisins, blueberries, raspberries and banana with a lot of Greek yoghurt. The latter is hard to find here, by the way, because the Americans have almost only fat-free yoghurt and replace fat with sugar so that it tastes like something.

After breakfast it was 5:50 a. m. with the first twilight for 3,5 hours. In this way, we avoid unnecessary effort for Astrid in the heat. The first 90 minutes are still to be driven at very pleasant temperatures. After about 120 kilometres in the Ga1 speed (the wind was fine) we were back home. There, the focus was on providing plenty of drinking and energy before 30 minutes of sleep. After that we drove for 90 minutes on the highway towards Energy Lab for a last longer run before the race. So that these units promote acclimatization in the heat, but don’t get too hard, I always accompany Astrid by bike. This ensures that Astrid is sufficiently hydrated at all times and never has too little fluid or energy. This is essential in the time so close to the race and certainly a point that many athletes and coaches do not take into account sufficiently.

After lunch, an appointment with the physiotherapist was scheduled at 2:30 pm. So for me the evening today is a bit more relaxed and Astrid’s muscles are perfectly prepared for the next days.

The rest of the day is for recreation, as Astrid’s next race simulation is due tomorrow. By the way, I curse every downhill run, no matter how small, because Astrid is so much faster in this one with her aero position than I am with the racing bike that I can pedal like a cockchafer in the downhill runs to stay somehow in the slipstream. So I will definitely come home fitter when I fly here.

To make sure this works, I’m going to bed right now. The alarm clock rings at 4:40.

Well, the last one turns off the light.



4 thoughts on “DAY 5 – KONA BLOG 2017

  1. Toll geschrieben, macht Lust auf mehr (Lesen und dabei sein)
    Der blaue Sailfish-Speedsuit, den ich von Euch habe, hat mir letztes Jahr in Kona super Dienste geleistet! Auf dass es bei Astrid auch so gut klappt!!! Drücke mega die Daumen!!! Freu mich schon auf den nächsten Bericht. Aloha🌺

    1. Hi Meike, das ist toll und Mahalo fürs Daumen drücken:-). Die Form stimmt auf jeden Fall. Ich freue mich aufs Rennen. Chris schreibt heute wieder einen neuen Blog. LG Astrid

  2. Es macht super viel Spaß euren Blog zu verfolgen! Ich bin durch einen Artikel der Aachener Zeitung aufmerksam geworden. Eure Eindrücke vor Ort und die professionelle Vorbereitung sind auch für mich als Außenstehender beeindruckend. Bitte mehr davon 🙂

    1. Hi Johannes, ganz lieben Dank. Wir freuen uns, wenn einen Eindruck davon vermitteln können, was es bedeutet hier an der Startlinie stehen zu können, aber auch was man dafür tun muss um dort hin zu kommen. Ich schreibe die nächsten Tage natürlich weiter. LG Chris

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