DAY 3 – KONA BLOG 2017

Aloha from Kona. After day 3 the jetlag is done and Astrid gets used to the intensifying workouts very well.

Speaking of jetlag, it was quite pronounced on day 2 and we were awake from 04:10 am. Two hours before sunrise and 80 minutes before the Nada rang at 5:30 in the morning. Astrid was once allowed to check. Blood and urine this time. Incidentally, this is usually the reason for these early checks, since blood may not be taken within the first 2 hours after a unit.We are glad that the Nada was here and also controlled athletes from other nations, as we appreciate the Nada – in contrast to the anti-doping agencies of other countries. After that was done we had breakfast and then we went to the bike. 2.5 hours of groundwork were on the schedule, which was relaxed enough for Astrid and made me a bit overwhelmed. In the slipstream I was able to save myself home and even the following longer break didn’t prevent 40 minutes of running from being the end of my day, while Astrid pulled some lanes in the pool in the late afternoon.

Of course, the day ended with an extensive dinner consisting of rice pudding, salad and bread, before the care of Astrid’s musculature as every evening. The legs need regular massages to keep the muscles supple and at the same time promote blood circulation. This time, by the way, we made it to 20:50 before going to bed.

Day three started punctually with the alarm clock at 5:00 o’ clock. This time Astrid was awake before, or rather again and again, while I slept perfectly and only woke up once from a downpour. Since today the first competition simulation was scheduled and we wanted to train the area around the ascent in front of Hawi, it was already at 06:30 o’ clock with the car to the Waikaloa Beach about 45km away. From there we left at 7:30am. After 30 minutes of rolling in, the first racepace interval came up. Start where you turn left from Queen K into the short descent to the beginning of the climb to Hawi and finish at the turnaround.

Directly at the turnaround I was surprised about the noises at Astrid’s rear wheel and Astrid was allowed to fix a flat tire. A small piece of wire had found its way to the hose and provided for a sneak. Fifteen minutes later, Astrid rehearsed the second round of hose changes, as the replacement hose must have had a small production error where the valve was inserted. Regardless, routine helps to be prepared for the case. Shortly after that, I entered the second interval, which was supposed to seal my end. While I got out of the car after 93km, Astrid drove the 3:30 to the end before 5k were still queuing in the racepace and afterwards my legs were only loose.

The coach was very satisfied. Afterwards, the burned calories were first replaced with an Iced Latte in the Daylight Mind in Waikaloa together with a blueberry muffin for the beginning, before Astrid got her much longed-for Acai Bowl in Kona.

After that we had to rest and we tried to watch the sunset, which was a little bit spoiled by a cloud cover. Now Astrid makes some more mobilization while I use the time to write this blog entry and the spaghetti is on the stove.

Then the obligatory massage and then off to bed.

Well, the last one turns off the light. I’m at the end of my rope.