DAY 1 – KONA BLOG 2017

Holla, that’s when the jet lag really hit. The first time we were awake at 01:10 am and at 03:58 am we didn’t get a break. In the meantime we are used to that in the first night on Kona. For this reason, even in the first few days there is no “real” training, but rather acclimatization, as the body will not be able to cope with strong stimuli.

Sport helps to overcome the jet lag. So we tied our running shoes at 5:50 and walked into the sunrise on Ali’ i Drive. Slightly up and down for 35 minutes at a pleasant 22 degrees Celsius. Afterwards we went to the Daylight Mind at 7:00am to find out disappointed that breakfast is only available from 08:00am. But as my stomach protested loudly against waiting an hour longer, we went over to the lava Java and started the day with a little something.

Punctually at 09:00 am we stood at Bike Works Kona in front of the door to have the cut cable of the Di2 replaced. The guys delivered perfect service and finished the bike after 90 minutes. In the meantime, of course, we used this time to move around a bit. But only loosely 2000m, so that Astrid comes cautiously in her rhythm. Swimming in loosely, followed by technical training and a few increased 100s was everything. Nevertheless, it was unbelievably good to be in a warm pool in bright sunshine and under a blue sky. It is unbelievable what warmth and light does to Aacheners who are not exactly spoiled by sunshine.

After swimming we picked up the bike and did the weekly shopping at the Target. It’s always amazing what food costs in the USA if you want to eat healthy food. Around 12:45 we were back in our condo and filled the fridge before we made up for what we wanted to have too early in the morning. The basic breakfast in the Daylight mind Avosmash on bread with fried egg and hashbrowns with a little fruit.

From 15:00 – 16:00 we went to the bike for a loose rolling-in and functional check. However, only a small round through the place and without much pressure. Afterwards I had dinner and a phone call for me. Afterwards we go to bed, because tomorrow the day is a bit more sporty and we fight against jetlag.

Incidentally, the most important news today was that Jonas reached 4th place at the Aachen company race over the 4.8 km and that Christoph broke his 10km best time together today. Just like another athlete from triworx-coaching. com. We were very happy about it.