Here you can see where we dedicate all our passion. We would like to let our athletes talk about how tehy experience us and what they feel.

With the individual support by triworx-coaching everyone can reach the own goals and make dreams come true. Do you want to join us? We love to hear from you.

“Winning an Ironman in 8:54:27 while working as a doctor in shifts. #performingperfect is my winning formula.”

Astrid Stienen (38), Pediatrician and Triathlon-Pro

“For more than 15 years I have been working intensively with coaches in training and I know that there is a lot of clattering in this industry. And Astrid and Chris ACTUALLY promise a lot. However – and here it gets exciting – they fullfil their promises with the same precision with which they also shape the coaching. Rarely have I experienced such a perfect symbiosis of scientific basis with a sense of application and passion for sport. So I think if I can’t achieve my dreams with triworx-coaching, I can not with anyone.”

Tina (42), Attorney at Law and Hawai’i-Qualifier and Finisher

“Since I started working with triworx-coaching I feel fit and strong – every day – and suddenly I have fun to do also short and hard efforts in training or a speed run.”

Stephan (62), Chief-Physician and Ironman-Finisher

“Chris gave structure to my training-schedule and I gained so much speed. Just an awesome feeling getting stronger each day.”

Jonas (20), Student and Olympic-Distance-Athlet

“I am so proud of myself and of what Chris and I have achieved together. I’m looking forward to every training session because it’s fun and I notice how it helps me progress. I always say Chris can do whatever he wants with me in practice, because I trust him blindly.”

Christian (40), chief executive and sports novice

“After my many years of triathlon, I realized that once I’m going to fulfill my dream of Hawaii, it’s only with my family and a coach who support me with the same passion as I train. With Chris Decker I found this coach. In every training plan and every conversation, I feel this passion to help me fulfill my dream.”

Kristian (41), Software-developer and Ironman Finisher

“Sport besides the double burden of a demanding job and beeing a mother of two, only works with the right coach. Chris manages to motivate me again and again and also to meet amateur athletes’ demands with full verve and dedication. You can feel his passion every second.”

Steph (39), Head of Marketing and mother of 2